Navajo Language

Sacred Wind Communications is pleased to provide access to online Navajo language instruction created by Rosetta Stone’s Endangered Language Program together with Navajo Language Renaissance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the revitalization of the Navajo language.

Sacred Wind Communications believes in the importance of collaborating with Navajo Language Renaissance to help young Navajos learn their native language. See the video below for more information on what project participants say about keeping the Navajo language alive.

Sign up to get access to Rosetta Stone Navajo Levels 1 and 2. Please e-mail to setup your account. You can also call (928) 220-8444. The subscription cost is $95 for 1 year and $150 for 2 Years for the online training option, or $150 plus S/H for the boxed set.

The video below is entitled ‘The Navajo Handprint’, and features project participants who talk about the necessity of saving the Navajo language.


According to language experts, if fewer than 20% of a culture’s youngest children do not speak their native language, that language is considered endangered and could disappear over time. Today, only about 5% of Navajo children under 6 years of age are fluent in Diné bizaad.